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4 Ways to Create a Bulletproof Pre-bed Routine


The 4 simple steps you can take to build a bulletproof pre-bed routine!


Before we dive straight into the 4 easy to apply steps I just wanted to let you know that this is a small part of the material from a weekly training video that I did for my 1-2-1 coaching clients.


1) Food


When you're sleeping you want to be sleeping (read that again and digest it).


You don't want your body to be digesting food because even if it doesn't feel like it is having a huge impact on you I can guarantee that it is...


Cut out food and water two hours before bed so that you're not going to sleep whilst you're still digesting food.


2) Blue Light


All electronics are emitting blue light, your phone, tv and the list goes on...


Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin...


Melatonin is a natural hormone that encourages your body to sleep!


From mid-afternoon look to block out blue light...


Simply put your devices on night shift mode or wear blue light blockers.


3) Mind


Relax and swtich off!


I'm sure there is a time that you can remember when work was incredibly busy and you just didn't have time to relax and switch off before going to bed...


As a result your sleep quality was poor as you couldn't stop thinking about work and everything that had happened throuhgout the day!


Look to turn your phone off an hour before bed and completely switch off and read or watch some tv to switch off and relax.


4) Consistency


Now you've most probably heard all these points before but never put these points into action!


Life happens and sometimes gets busy...




This is even more important when life is busy!


Make sure your consistent with these points and watch as your sleep improves, your productivity improves, you build a stronger mindset and the list goes on!