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Maintaining low body fat


We would all love to have a permanent beach body but it is more important to focus on being healthy and to prioritise longer term goals. Whilst we should never become complacent and too relaxed by making poor food and exercise choices, we should be willing to make some compromises along the way…


Gaining muscle is a process that requires consistency over a prolonged period of time. For performance to be as effective as possible, I recommend you sometimes consider maintaining a calorie surplus so that your energy input is greater than your output as this will provide your body with the energy it requires to effectively manage the demand and fatigue that high intensity training delivers.


Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to build muscle during the early stages of a calorie deficit but the body’s ability to do this diminishes as the deficit grows. I tell my clients to tackle training sessions head-on with the same motivation for progression during week 1 of a diet as they do on say week 20 because being mentally strong and focused will always place you in the best possible position for maximum progress and success.


It is important to establish what it is that you are trying to achieve…are you wanting to lose body fat or are you trying to gain muscle? Knowing what your aim is will help you to really focus and work consistently towards that objective with full drive and determination.


What is your aim: Optimise body fat loss with a calorie deficit...or…gain maximum muscle with a calorie surplus?


Choose one and work consistently towards it…very best of luck!!