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This e-book is intended as a guide to discuss the varying training approaches available to help you strengthen the weaker areas of your body.


Wondering how to build up and create a well-rounded physique or how to improve general strength? This e-book discusses how to further enhance your weaker body parts, covering areas including:


  • Volume of workload required in the gym and what research suggests may be optimal
  • Training frequency and what the research says
  • Exercise execution
  • Exercise selection
  • Impact of recovery and nutrition on the ability to gain lean muscle tissue
  • And more…


This e-book is ideal for anyone looking to grow their physique and gain lean muscle tissue, coupled with those requiring guidance to strengthen a weaker body part.


Price: £9.99





Whether your aim is to change your physique by gaining muscle and/or losing weight or to generally improve your fitness, this e-book is designed to help you set up training and nutrition plans.


Topics discussed within this e-book include:


  • Setting up your macronutrient breakdown, referring to studies discussing which plans may be best suited to your personal goals and how you can vary the plans to fit with your objectives
  • Examples of errors that people make when compiling training plans
  • How to program your first training plan
  • Taking a step back and assessing your current journey
  • And more…

This e-book is perfect for readers wanting to learn how to optimise training and nutrition.


Price: £9.99


Go Coaching


For someone who suffers from chronic illness which has a severe impact on my mobility, having a personal fitness trainer is invaluable. George's targeted approach to my exercise programme is helping me improve my functional mobility. His approach and knowledge is making a material difference to my quality of life. Physios are great at telling me what I should be doing, George helps me do what I should be doing.
Alma Daly
Working with George to reach my fitness goals has been a great experience allowing me to develop more confidence in my ability…George’s dedication to me achieving my fitness and lifestyle goals means I would highly recommend George to anyone, at any fitness level.
Julia Moore
The service he gives to his client is amazing and I don’t think I could think of a better use of my money...I couldn’t recommend George any higher and I think anyone thinking of becoming a healthier version of themselves should take that first step towards self improvement under his superior direction!
Samantha Matthews
I would recommend George to be your personal trainer because he gives you a training program and nutrition support which is unique to your needs and he is very good at what he does and he motivates you to progress and achieve your goals.
Steven Downey
George really is a pleasure to work with, has such a professional and friendly manor. He really helped me find the confidence within myself, and didn’t stop believing in my potential. He helped a lot with my nutritional needs and gave great advice when I needed it and coached me through any concerns. I truly felt at ease working with George, beyond thrilled with the great results.
Ryan Annett
Working with George has completely changed my life for the better. He has given me a new outlook on training and my general well being with food and maintaining a healthy balanced diet. He offers such a wide range of options, whatever it is you require he will deliver it for you. I was 18 stone and I’m now two stone lighter and it’s only going to get better for me.
James Green